Traffic accidents, sports trauma, obesity and developmental diseases: in modern life these various situations can lead to severe knee osteoarthritis in young adults. Nowadays, orthopaedic surgeons are commonly faced with young and active patients who ask for quick solutions, seek pain-free knees and wish to participate in sports. Their expectations are constantly increasing and surgeons are afraid to disappoint them.

The goal of the Lyon Advanced Course of Knee Arthroplasty is to focus on the techniques and strategies available to treat such highly-demanding patients: do recent technological innovations really improve outcomes? Is there still a place for corrective osteotomies in 2014? What are the true limits of Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasties? How can we improve our perioperative strategy? Which sports activities can we authorize after surgery?

The Lyon School of Knee Surgery, in association with international renowned specialists, will present and analyze the outcomes of different treatment options. Through several interactive sessions, surgical techniques videos, indications debates and complex cases discussions, clear answers and guidelines will be given.

What is the future of the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: robotic surgery, custom knee implants, regenerative medicine? World pioneers in these fields will present their points of view.