Hallux valgus causes

Numerous contributing factors include:

  • Family history
  • being female
  • the wearing of narrow shoes
  • an excessively long first toe.

How can this deformation evolve?

There are many possible evolutions for hallux valgus. The deformation can be painless and only disturb footwear. However, in most cases, inflammatory crises occur between recess periods.

The reasons for consulting include the following :

  • a bunion becoming inflammatory and painful
  • an outwards deviated big toe getting in the way of the second toe, which leads to repeated ingrown toenails or painful corns
  • the big toe abutting on small toes, which in turn deform into claws with heloses caused by a conflict with the shoe.
  • plantar calluses due to excessive overload caused by the big toe failure.

The surgery process

If the discomfort or pains are major and if medical treatments results have not been satisfactory, surgery is recommended. This operation aims at straightening the big toe and sometimes the next toes in order to put the bones back into a correct axis. The surgery usually lasts from 30 mns to one and a half hour depending on the number and types of procedures. Hospitalization usually lasts from 1 to 3 days.