Before the surgery

During your hospital registration process an anesthetist will explain which  type of anesthesia is best suited to your case.

In the operating room

Relaxed thanks to pre-medication, you will be wheeled to the operating room. The area to-be operated is first washed, the shaved and disinfected. You will wear conformtable surgical garments. There is no transition between the preparation phase and the surgery. In the operating room you will be plugged to electronic monitoring devices, such as a blood pressure meter or an  electrocardiograph to record your heart activity. Only when the anesthesia becomes effective can the surgery begin.

In the recovery room

Once the surgery is completed, you will be conducted into the recovery room where our medical staff will continue to monitor your health. The pain treatment will be adjusted to your specific needs. You will be provided with analgesics, maybe by way of a pump. You will wake up slowly and softly. You will then be wheeled back to your room.